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The Hansen Engineering & Surveying team is widely recognized as expert land surveyors and engineers. Many Arizona developers, municipalities, private citizens, and contractors depend on us for surveying and engineering services.

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Arizona Boundary Survey

A Boundary Survey is designed to establish or recover the boundary lines of a parcel of land and to set or replace the property corner markers. When there is a subdivision of land, a property boundary dispute, a fence that needs to be installed or property lines to be marked, a boundary survey is ordered. If a situation of trespass or encroachment is to be proven, a boundary survey of the property line(s) involved is used.

Boundary surveys may also be required to discover easements, rights of way, title conflicts and gaps or overlaps in title. The land surveyor often works in conjunction with land title insurance companies to determine the written evidence of title prior to performing a boundary survey. Boundary surveys are a product of research of the public records, fieldwork to establish the location of any physical evidence and office calculations of the written record to determine the proper location of the property lines.

Throughout Pinal County and Maricopa County, and in all of the State of Arizona, an Arizona surveyor is required to file a Record of Survey Map in the local County Recorderís office for most boundary surveys, which will become public record. Click Here or contact us at 520-723-3261 for a quote on our expert boundary survey services.

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